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Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) is a turn-key provider of engineered solutions for existing outdoor, pole-mounted luminaire assemblies. Unique to the local lighting market, SES offers a life cycle approach to outdoor lighting featuring:

– On-site surveys and inspections
– System evaluations and recommendations
– Luminaire assembly management and maintenance

Fixtures: Survey existing light fixtures and recommend options that would reduce both energy and maintenance costs, plus improve the current quality of light output.

Controls: Evaluate existing lighting controls and recommend advanced options, including ‘smart pole’ technology, to further reduce operating costs and increase system reliability.

Structures: Inspect poles, anchor bolts, and arms for structural anomalies utilizing trained personnel to detect and identify problems before a catastrophic failure can occur.

This life cycle approach reduces operating costs and the risks associated with owning and maintaining outdoor luminaires. SES can also manage the entire outdoor luminaire system project including specific installation recommendations.


We'll let you know exactly how much time, electricity, and money our dedicated team can save your projects.





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